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Parent Reviews:

"Kids Science Labs is wonderful. My son loves it so much that he won't miss class for any reason"


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Why Science?

"The whole of science is nothing more than a refinement of everyday thinking."
Albert Einstein      
There are three simple reasons why science is important for our kids:
  1. Kids love science because it engages their curiosity
  2. Science provides practical tools for understanding everyday life
  3. Science advances critical thinking, problem solving, and creativity in early learners

Whether a child gains an interest in becoming a doctor, lawyer, teacher, investor, or entrepreneur, developing a scientific mindset with questioning and problem solving is critical to enhancing a child's cognitive growth, logic, and reasoning.  More importantly for our youth, the loss of creativity, can in part be attributed to the rigidity of today's education curricula and lack of emphasis on early science and problem solving opportunities for our kids in school.  Kids Science Labs is going to change this and give our kids a real chance to learn science before they start to think that it's too hard.     

Let's face it, technology is taking the world by storm, and it is firmly grounded in science.  Our kids need more opportunities to learn and love science. If we are lucky, Kids Science Labs might help educate the next Einstein, Newton, or Planck, but our goal is to establish a basic love of learning in our kids and help them experience and understand the science they see everyday.


 Inspire a Child Today, Build a Future Tomorrow!