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Parent Reviews:

"Kids Science Labs is wonderful. My son loves it so much that he won't miss class for any reason"


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Testimonials about our hands-on science classes and parties...


***** (5 Stars)  1/6/2014

We had our son's birthday party at the Lincoln Park facility, and it was exceptional. Not only was the staff attentive, energetic and friendly, but the kids had an amazing time. Many of our six year old's guests want to have their birthday party there now.  From beginning to end, it was a smooth and easy process for me too. And it makes a huge difference that everyone is so friendly. Also I found it easier that the person with whom I dealt all along was present every step of the way, including at the birthday party, so there were no issues of miscommunication. Immediately after the party, my son asked me how old you have to be to start working at Kids' Science Lab! I answered that I wasn't sure, but we could certainly have next year's birthday party there until he can start working there!


***** (5 Stars)  9/16/2013

Fun classes for kids of all ages. Excellent teachers, kids have fun and learn too! Our son (4 years old) took three weeks of summer camp - all day sessions.  The teachers were excellent, the facilities are great and the topics discussed are fun. Every day he came home with new projects and unlike regular school days, he was eager to discuss his experiments with us. Definitely worth checking out KSL.  We will definitely return for more classes and camps.


***** (5 Stars)  3/19/2013

It is hard to begin to tell you how excited our son is to come to class each week, but this one was particularly special because he knew that it was volcano week.  He has told just about everyone he knows that he is going to explode a volcano today.  Tonight he sat at the dinner table and told his big brother and sister all about the experiment and how it blew up, but that real volcanoes don't blow up from chemical reactions but because of pressure.  We love your program.  You teach real science to the kids but in a way that they not only understand but that excites them.


***** (5 Stars)  1/31/2013

We are in our second session of classes at Kids Science Labs and I can't say enough about how amazing it is!! Our little scientists are engaged and can't stop talking about their projects and amazing teachers!  The location is fantastic too and we get other errands done while we are there.  Over all, I encourage anyone who has a youngster interested in science to check it out.  The class sizes are not too huge and they are fun!  We look forward to going to Kids Science Labs every week!

- Leslie K


***** (5 Stars)  10/23/2012

My 8 year old daughter has been taking classes at KSL for over a year.  

KSL is not just a class.  It's a place where kids are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and have fun all while learning science.  I believe this is made possible by the highly knowledgeable staff  and experiment friendly building.

Whether they are throwing food to learn about gravity, making boats to discuss buoyancy, or drawing on the walls, the students are learning.  

Recently we hosted my daughter's b-day party at KSL and we had the pleasure of watching 11 kids ooh and aaah all in the name of science.  But's what's even better than the squeals of excitement is that they are actually learning.

I wish more places were as innovative as KSL, because I believe that my daughter's love of science has and will continue to grow because of their classes. 

In a world where science is getting pushed to the back of education, it's good to see a program that promotes science in both girls and boys.

Don't hesitate, sign your child up today!

- Kim M

***** (5 Stars)  9/28/2012

Absolutely one of the best kid centered educational activities in town. The staff are enthusiastic and kind as they lead the children though fun and engaging activities to get them excited about science. What could be better? Fun and learning all under one roof! All I think about everytime I go is why can't science be this fun in school, so more children would take an interest?

They have a unique ability for capturing the kids' attention and do projects that even I find fun and often learn something from as well.

The space is also very large and brightly lit with natural sunlight, which is just a bonus really, to an already great place to bring the kids.

I'm looking forward to planning a birthday party here.

- Molly F


***** (5 Stars) 5/11/2012

Imagination Lab

My daughter is a KSL groupie. She'd take classes every day if she could. In fact she has such a great time that we decided to share it with her friends for her 4th birthday party. And that was an awesome idea.

KSL will custom design your party based on your child's interests and make the whole event super-convenient. I didn't have to set up/pick up/ pick out anything; just had to enjoy the event. 4 is a tough age for attention spans and while KSL has an open-play area with lots of fun toys, the kids stayed really engaged the whole time, making gooey messes and seeing giant bubbles. Even the parents were really entranced by a lot of the activities.

I think what makes KSL different from so many other programs (and we've tried them all) is the staff. The teachers are incredible and have the patience of saints. The programming is original, creative and designed appropriately for the age of the children. The kids come home talking about water displacement and friction and they're excited to share the activities of the day. 

Free parking is definitely a plus too.  

Laura M.


***** (5 Stars) 4/30/2012
Thank you for the wonderful party today!  Grace and Wyatt both loved it and we loved that it was fun for the kids and fun for the parents (and easy for us)! 
We think Kids Science Labs is an extraordinary opportunity for our kids to get exposed to science at an early age and you are achieving your goal of teaching kids that science is fun!  We feel really lucky to be part of your classes.
Thanks again,
Katherine and Jason

***** (5 Stars) 1/23/2012

What a cool place....We had our kids 5 and 7 year old birthday party here.....There were 35 kids in total..I have already received several emails from parents talking about how their kids can't stop talking about the science experiments and want to take a science class here. They allow you to choose what types of experiments you would want to do.  We watched the video of the party laast night and the look on the kids faces during the volcano is priceless.   I strongly recommend you check this place out...Either for a party or for the science classes.... The staff is fabulous!   -Kim, Chicago.


***** (5 Stars) 1/19/2012

KSL is Wonderful. My son attends class there and he loves it so much that he won't miss class for any reason. If you are looking for a place that will help your child learn and develop a love for science from a young age, while having a total blast, you cannot beat Kids Science Labs!   -Tolu


*****(5 Stars) 12/5/2011

Kids learning densityI wasn't sure my three year old daughter was going to get much out of this, but I was way off. We did a shapes class which incorporated different textures, paints, visuals, and hands-on activities, that fully engaged my daughter for the full time. What really sold me on the class and teachers is that 2 days later, we were at dinner and she picks up a napkin and says "rectangle". KSL has cracked the code for how to engage toddlers and make learning fun.  S.Shah


*****(5 Stars)  11/10/2011

In less than two months, KSL has already made a major impact on my child and I. Each class fuels (my child's) thirst and excitement for learning, expands his vocabulary, extends his critical thinking, and inspires him to test his critical thinking outside the lab. In a short amount of time (my child) has learned concepts in solids vs. liquids, sink vs. float, viscosity, density, impact, filtration, diffusion. etc.  With overcrowded classrooms, programs being cut, and increased competition, for admittance into quality public schools, there is growing demand for resources such as this. Not only does KSL teach lessons in science, but it also encourages kids to dream big in all aspects of life.  -S.McDowell


*****(5 Stars)  11/12/2011

Solid vs. Liquids?I first introduced my son to Kids Science Labs at your Grand Opening. He immediately loved it and two weeks later on his birthday the only thing he wanted to do was to participate in your NexGen class. In little over a month, he's been able to tell me about science projects dealing with surface tension, velocity, gravity, and air pressure. Overall, KSL is a life changing experience for my child. He is gaining confidence in his ability to solve problems and overcoming fears in learning new material. He is on the road to being successful academically, and have a love for life long learning. What more could a month ask for?  - M.Reed


***** (5 Stars)  11/16/2011

Since my children have been attending your program, I have seen gains in their science scores at school. My daughter, who is in the sixth grade, moved two letter grades higher since starting the program. I am so very excited because your teachers work in small settings and take the time to assist and aid those who may not understand. My children absolutely love the program, especially the "Fruit Smashanomics" class, where my 4yr old learned about the word impact! We are there every Saturday, whether it is raining, sleeting or snowing. This is an opportunity of a lifetime!! -H.Henderson


*****(5 Stars) 1/18/2012

Recently we held a birthday party there for my 5 year old and all I can say is wow! The kids had a blast.  Their parents wer very impressed with the party and Kids Science Labs as a whole with some signing up for classes immediately after the party.  The staff ensured that I did not have to worry about anything or even do anything other than enjoy myself at the party. If you are around the area, give it a try and you won't regret it.. KSL is the best.   T.S.


*****(5 Stars) 12/30/2011

Big Birthday Blowout PartyI typically do not write reviews.  Don't have the time with 3 litle kids to do much less drive them all around the city for a class or party etc.....The reason I am taking the time to write one is because I had my son's 7th birthday party at Kids Science Labs and really feel that the establishment is excellent.  From the owner to the staff to the facility it was top notch!!!! They were not only extremely accommodating but the kids had a riot.  The teachers were wonderful, engaging, and really good with the little ones.  One of the kids was shy and not participating in the group experiment and the owner took him to the side and was sitting on the floor showing him some science experiment and he loved the one on one.  As a mom, I can't tell you how endearing it was to see a grown man sitting cross legged on the floor taking the time to include a kid who was too shy to incude himself.  Most facilities don't personalize the experience the way that he did.  We have been to EVERY birthday party imaginable.  This is truly a one of a kind experience.  THANKS, Kids Science Labs and we will be seeing you again.  L. K., Lincoln Square


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