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Parent Reviews:

"Kids Science Labs is wonderful. My son loves it so much that he won't miss class for any reason"


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KSL Birthday Party Reviews by Chicago Parents

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***** (5 Stars) 1/2/2013

This place is exceptional.  We just had our 4 year old's birthday party there and the entire experience was excellent.  The staff is terrific and really knows how to keep the kids entertained (special thanks to Shegan for doing separate experiments with the birthday boy when he started getting grumpy). 

We loved it so much we signed all three kids up for classes and they're already looking forward to going back.  - Justin R


***** (5 Stars) 10/23/2012

My 8 year old daughter has been taking classes at KSL for over a year.  

KSL is not just a class.  It's a place where kids are encouraged to ask questions, explore, and have fun all while learning science.  I believe this is made possible by the highly knowledgeable staff  and experiment friendly building.

Whether they are throwing food to learn about gravity, making boats to discuss buoyancy, or drawing on the walls, the students are learning.  

Recently we hosted my daughter's b-day party at KSL and we had the pleasure of watching 11 kids ooh and aaah all in the name of science.  But's what's even better than the squeals of excitement is that they are actually learning.

I wish more places were as innovative as KSL, because I believe that my daughter's love of science has and will continue to grow because of their classes. 

In a world where science is getting pushed to the back of education, it's good to see a program that promotes science in both girls and boys.

Don't hesitate, sign your child up today!    - Kim M.


***** (5 Stars) 5/11/2012

Our kids (ages 4 and 5) wake up on Saturday morning and say "Can I have chocolate chip pancakes?" and "Do we get to go to Science Class, today?"  They love KSL Chicago almost as much as chocolate chip pancakes. 

Curriculum is strong and they keep parents outside of the classroom (you can watch through windows) so that kids can really get involved in the learning and experimenting process.

We also had a birthday party at KSL.  It was great.  Kids all had a great time.  Parents were free to speak to each other.  Whole Foods can caterer food for kids and adults, so it's very easy on the hosting parents.  - Michael M


***** (5 Stars) 4/15/2012

Thank you for the wonderful party today!  Grace and Wyatt both loved it and we loved that it was fun for the kids and fun for the parents (and easy for us)! 
We think Kids Science Labs is an extraordinary opportunity for our kids to get exposed to science at an early age and you are achieving your goal of teaching kids that science is fun!  We feel really lucky to be part of your classes.
Thanks again,
Katherine and Jason



***** (5 Stars) 1/23/2012

What a cool place....We had our kids 5 and 7 year old birthday party here.....There were 35 kids in total..I have already received several emails from parents talking about how their kids can't stop talking about the science experiments and want to take a science class here. They allow you to choose what types of experiments you would want to do.  We watched the video of the party last night and the look on the kids faces during the volcano is priceless.   I strongly recommend you check this place out...Either for a party or for the science classes.... The staff is fabulous!   Kim, Chicago.


***** (5 Stars) 1/19/2012

KSL is wonderful. My son attends classes there and he loves it so much he won't miss class for any reason. For his 5th birthday he decided that he wanted to have his party at KSL.  The party was excellent with the kids fully engaged by the teachers. Even the other parents were impressed.  The party favors included cards for free classes for all the guests, that was beyond wonderful considering the price of the gift bags.  Everything was perfectly set out and I did not have to do anything but enjoy myself at the party.  The staff and owner went above and beyond to make us happy. If you are looking for a place with activities that will help your child learn and develop a love for science from a young age, while having a total blast.  You can not beat Kids Science Labs.   - F.O., Chicago


***** (5 Stars) 1/18/2012

Recently we held a birthday party there for my 5 year old and all I can say is wow! The kids had a blast.  Their parents were very impressed with the party and Kids Science Labs as a whole with some signing up for classes immediately after the party.  The staff ensured that I did not have to worry about anything or even do anything other than enjoy myself at the party. If you are around the area, give it a try and you won't regret it.. KSL is the best.   -  T.S.


***** (5 Stars) 1/9/2012

We just hosted our son's 4th birthday party and it was awesome! The kids loved the science lab experience. They made slime and bubbles and just had a blast!!!!! The staff did an amazing job setting everything up, helping the kids keeping the kids entertained, etc. So happy with KSL and totally recommend for a birthday party! All the parents kept saying what a great idea, what a great place, and how cool it was! Perfect place for 4 years and up!!! thanks KSL!    -  Nikki, Chicago.


***** (5 Stars) 12/30/2011

I typically do not write reviews.  Don't have the time with 3 litle kids to do much less drive them all around the city for a class or party etc.....The reason I am taking the time to write one is because I had my son's 7th birthday party at Kids Science Labs and really feel that the establishment is excellent.  From the owner to the staff to the facility it was top notch!!!! They were not only extremely accommodating but the kids had a riot.  The teachers were wonderful, engaging, and really good with the little ones.  One of the kids was shy and not participating in the group experiment and the owner took him to the side and was sitting on the floor showing him some science experiment and he loved the one on one.  As a mom, I can't tell you how endearing it was to see a grown man sitting cross legged on the floor taking the time to include a kid who was too shy to incude himself.  Most facilities don't personalize the experience the way that he did.  We have been to EVERY birthday party imaginable.  This is truly a one of a kind experience.  THANKS, Kids Science Labs and we will be seeing you again.    -  L. K., Lincoln Square


***** (5 Stars) 12/15/2011

We had my 4 year old girls birthday party here - it was fantastic! Really-the guys could not have been more accomodating.  The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and knew how to move the party along without us feeling rushed..  Everything was perfect including the volcano erupting at the end.  I will return for class and highly recommend for parties.  The space is cool and clean and for party options...Whole Foods provides easy catering option.  What are you waiting for....go get your science fix!


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